Kimron Peters Walks Free

Kimron Peters walked out of the Serious Offences Court on Monday October 15th, a free man after the Prosecution could not adduce enough evidence to present a case for him to answer to.

Peters was charged for having in his possession one 14 karat gold bangle reasonably suspected to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained on June 14th, 2018.

When the trial of the matter was due to commence Senior Prosecutor, Adolphus Delpesche told Chief Magistrate Browne that Detective Sergeant Malcolm Alexander had some information regarding the case and as a result Alexander was summoned to the witness box.

  It was during such time he informed the Court that he personally went to Diamond Village and informed a key male witness to appear at the Court to give evidence that the witness informed him that he no longer has interest in the matter and that he would not be appearing in Court to give evidence. 

As a result, the Chief Magistrate had no other alternative than to dismiss the case.

In recent months the now District Magistrate Bertie Pompey when he presided at the Kingstown Magistrate Court as acting Senior Magistrate had made a call on the relevant authorities to put measure in place so that a fine can be imposed upon persons who file criminal cases and then withdraw them by refusing to give evidence for no good reason.