Keith Joseph Elected As New ANOC Executive

Keith Joseph, Tricia Smith and Camilo Pérez won the elections of Members of the ANOC Executive Council in the Panam Sports General Assembly in Lima Peru : Photo Panam Sports

LIMA, PERU  – The Panam Sports General Assembly held an open election to fill the three vacancies on the Association of National Olympic Committees Executive Council to conclude the first day of the Assembly in Lima, Peru.

Six candidates sought to become new members of the ANOC Executive Council, while Keith Joseph and Sara Rosario sought re-election to ANOC’s governing body.

In the third and final round of voting,  St. Vincent and the Grenadines Olympic Committee Secretary General, Keith Joseph, earned  21 votes . With the support of the majority of the Assembly, Joseph was elected to fill one of two positions available on the ANOC Executive Council.

“Panam Sports is proud to have  more exemplary representatives on the ANOC Executive Council and would like to congratulate  Keith Joseph on his election to such an important international sporting organization”.

In order to be elected, candidates needed a simple majority of the 41 nations of Panam Sports, with each National Olympic Committee receiving one ballot to cast votes for the three vacancies on the Council.

The other position was filled by Canadian Olympic Committee President, Tricia Smith.

Paraguayan Olympic Committee President Camilo Perez was the first candidate elected to the ANOC Executive Council in the opening round of voting, earning support from 28 of the 41 NOCs of Panam Sports.