Is Douglas DeFreitas Hinting That Eustace Needs To Go?

Owner of Nice Radio and political commentator Douglas Defreitas appears to be hinting in subtle tones that Arhnim Eustace may need to vacate his current seat and allow a replacement to step up.

De Freitas said one of his major concern is that the East Kingstown seat ” could be stolen” in the next general elections which are constitutionally due in December 2020.

Without referring to anyone, Defreitas said they will steal and will continue to steal and pad the voter’s list.

“The New Democratic Party needs to shore up East Kingstown where Mr Eustace have serve that constituency for a long time, and where it was the only seat on the mainland when the rest of the mainland had rejected the New Democratic Party”.

The New Democratic Party of which Mr Defreitas supports openly had taken the government to court on the grounds that the 2015 election was stolen, the court dismissed those petitions recently.

De Freitas says he believes that this warning is timely publicly and he knows that some people don’t like to hear public warnings.

” They attack you when you speak to public warnings”, when you speak the things that are necessary to make sure that things go in the right direction”.

The radio host says that the New Democratic Party is moving too slow, on the East Kingstown ‘constituency.

“And as the song says you better take warning”, De Freitas said.

In the 2015 election, Eustace amassed some 2.444 votes will Browne garnered 2,295,  a  149 difference, in 2010  that number was 467.

In November of 2016, Eustace had stated that he would stay on as MP for East Kingstown until the party finds a replacement, however in a complete turn around in September 2017, the former leader said he would seek a sixth term as member of parliament for East Kingstown.

De Freitas seems to hint in Subtle tones that he is not confident that NDP would be able to retain the seat once Mr Eustace contests the next election.

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