Invest Caribbean Offering Medical Marijuana Real Estate Loans

(PRESS RELEASE VIA NEWS784) – As Caribbean nations continue to focus on legalizing medical marijuana in the region, financing for loans to grow and funding for commercial buildings has become a top priority.

To cater to this need, Invest Caribbean Now, the global private sector investment agency of the Caribbean, is now offering the option of loans on land deals and commercial real estate properties to qualified medical marijuana entrepreneurs in countries where the herb is legal.

Each loan from ICN’s private funding network will be determined on a case by case basis, based largely on 55 per cent of the appraised value of the collateral and the strength of the borrower. The loan size is from US 1 Million to $50 Million.

Whether you’re looking to fund a grow operation or a dispensary, there are lending and financing options now available to Caribbean nationals too. For more information contact