I Don't Have To Respond Each Time There is a Killing

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. | Photo: Reuters

Prime Minister Gonsalves responding to the recent killings over the weekend said,  some of the homicides are an absence of restraint murder, people just don’t know how to solve their problems by peaceful means, he said.

He further said that some are related to associational groupings, where one set of persons having arguments over this or that, with other sets of individuals.

And others he said are of nefarious purposes or causes, maybe drugs or things connected to criminal activity of one kind or the other.

Gonsalves said at the heart of it is the ease at which people get guns, given the fact that they come out of the united states and slip in here and there throughout the various ports of entry and also those areas where you don’t have ports of entry.

“Each of the different crimes has to be dealt with differently, various kinds of policing, different social responses.”

“ However, I just want to say, not every time there is a killing I have to respond because I speak all the time, and what I said here today, I have said repeatedly”.

Gonsalves pointed out that the government had spent a lot of resources on the police, involving training, cooperating with regional and international agencies, and of those which he cant speak publicly about.

The Prime Minister stated that with all the things which are being done by the government, citizen security must be at the top of the agenda.

Gonsalves was at the time speaking about the relief efforts for the islands when he was asked by Press Secretary Hans  Kings about the homicides.


  1. I thought the topic was Ralph’s reply to the killing. Why are some folks branching off into tangents with gun control and what’s happening in other countries? The leader of the country doesn’t care and has no solution to combat crimes. He should resign and pass the position of security to a younger more energetic person. Ralph is old and tired and can’t function properly.

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