Hot 97 FM Issues Apology To The National Lotteries Authority

Excerpt From Apology

In an internet post which I caused to be published on the Facebook page of Hot 97 FM on the 14th day of December, 2017, it was stated that crowds had gathered outside the office of the National Lottery Authority (“NLA”) claiming that the NLA was refusing to pay someone who had won $500,000.00 and that it was said to be an inside job.

I now recognise that that statement was quite unfounded and that the post must have caused you considerable embarrassment and distress and brought the NLA into disrepute.

I wish to take this opportunity of unreservedly withdrawing that allegation and all imputations upon the NLA and its officers and to express Radioactive’s sincere regret for having published such a statement.

Yours faithfully,

Luke Boyea
Managing Director, Radioactive Ltd.

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