Help Haniff Sutherland Beat Cancer

In our previous update, we told you that Hannif was placed on Votrient. He did scans following 2 months of the Votrient.

The scans showed that the nodules on his lungs are continuing to grow. However physically he seems to be doing better. His oncologist decided that given the positive changes in the way he was feeling, for him to continue taking the Votrient and repeat scans again in 2 months.

He said that maybe it was too soon to see actual shrinkage or stability in the lungs. It was a frustrating month for Hannif because he was also told by the finance office at the hospital that he would not he able to see the doctor anymore until his bills are paid.

His bill up to June is $242657 US. He is currently on a payment plan and has to come up with $2000 US per month so he can continue to get care.

As you can imagine, this is impossible for his family to do at this time. We encourage you to please share this page and contact anyone who would be willing to help.

At the moment Hannif is back at home in SVG, spending quality time with his family. He hopes to return to Atlanta in October to have scans repeated. Please continue to pray for a miracle as well.

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