Gun Violence In St Vincent Leaves 4 Injured, And One Dead In 24 hours

Three individuals became the victims of crime last evening in the Kingstown Park community, after three men brandishings guns entered a community shop.

Wendy Bowman, a 54-year Shopkeeper and Andy Gill, a 25-year-old Male Attendant, both of Kingstown Park, were at Bowman’s shop when three men entered with guns and demanded money.

The shop was ransacked in the process. The men escaped with an unknown sum of money and a cellphone belonging to Bowman.

Both Bowman and Gill received wounds to their head from the butt of the guns. They are in stable condition.

After leaving the shop it is reported that the men fired two shots.  Carlyle Douglas, an announcer with Nice Radio, heard the shots and looked outside at that very moment. The gunmen upon realizing that Douglas was looking, fired at him, resulting in Douglas being shot in the scrotum.

Meanwhile, there have also been reports of a shooting incident in the Vermont valley on Wednesday night. News784 was told that the victim a young man, was shot in the face and had succumbed to his injuries.

In the fourth incident on Wednesday night, a young lady was shot in Clare Valley. She, according to information received, was able to identify her attacker. However, it was not clear what her medical status was at the time of publication.

News784 will update in a future post.


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