August 13, 2020

Grant To Be Appointed Honorary Consul To Oman

Philanthropist Deron Grant will soon begin performing duties in the capacity of Honorary Consul to Oman. This was disclosed to News784 by Officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In an interview with Sandy Peters-Philips, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, News784 was told that the appointment has processes and must be approved by both countries, however, Grant is already Honorary Consul Designate.

“St Vincent has already completed their side of the process; we are now awaiting Oman to give their approval to make it formal, once such is done Grant will be our Official Consul in the Gulf state”.

Peters – Philips said that the finalisation of such appointment depends on the bureaucracies in the ministries of each country.

“I would say a month or two months before official duty, but we are hoping it would be much sooner, you have to remember, Deron would not be able to proceed without that appointment because he would not have the instrument that is needed, that is the legal right to carry out undertakings on behalf of the state”.

Peters – Philips further told News784 that the government of SVG has to give a commission, which would outline the functions that Grant has to perform, and once Oman responds by giving an Agrema, that commission would be handed over to their Government.

Some of those functions that Grant would carry out on behalf of the state include; Seeking employment opportunities, investment opportunities, and tourism investments which are vital with the opening of the Argyle International Airport.

Peters- Philips told News784 that Grant has a heavy mandate ahead of him, however, the ministry has every confidence that he would perform above his call of duty.

Honorary consuls are not professional diplomats, i.e., they do not make a living as diplomats.

They usually do live and work as well as pay taxes in the country where they operate while they represent their native country on a voluntary/not-salaried/ basis until their appointments are revoked.

By Ernesto Cooke

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