Graham Admits To Domestic Abuse

Photo Colin Graham FB

Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble, Colin Graham is no different.

Graham who was recently elected to represent the NDP in the next general election did not deny, what his EX girlfriend posted on Facebook about their past relationship.

Spending some time on the AM Mayhem show on Hot97 Thursday morning, Graham said he applauds his EX for coming out and highlighting the issue of domestic violence.

“It is a matter to be addressed, and I applaud her for taking such a brave and bold move to speak on the subject”.

Graham said he does not want anybody to vilify her, abuse her on social media or to condemn her.

“More than anything else we should lift her up for coming out and doing what she has done”.

“I am not here to deny anything or defend anything, we are all human beings, and I am a man, we all make our mistakes, and we all fall short from time to time”.

Graham said they have apologised to each other on a personal level, but he would take the opportunity to do so again.

“I am saying sorry, and I will continue to ask for her continued forgiveness”.

Graham said there are many other instances of domestic abuse against women that continues to fester in the country and he is calling on persons to now use this issue between himself and his EX as a platform for others to come out and speak up.

“I can say it, am in it, I know the damage, the pain and the hurt it could cause, we have to own up to our short comings, I have done that, she knows that, and I will continue to grow, and accept my criticisms”.

Graham said he has seen what can happen when nothing is done, when there is no remorse and when people decide not to accept their shortcomings.

While Graham did not go into details about the relationship and what transpired, Luke Boyea CEO of Hot97 said that Graham statement leaves room for speculation which could further fuel the fire.

Boyea went on to say; “Have the leadership of the NDP questioned whether you are suitable now”.

Are we likely to see any other woman come out with similar accusation Boyea asked?

Graham in response said; “I would like other women who have been in similar situations to go out and speak about this issue”. 

By Ernesto Cooke


  1. Though I believe any Vincentian of sound mind should be eligible to run for political office in this land, those who are known to engage in or have engaged in any act of domestic abuse(especially against women and children), should fall into the category of being unfit to provide political representation. Though a crime is a crime, there can be absolutely no excuse for domestic abuse.

  2. So what about persons accused of rape?? Are they allowed to hold public office?? Hypocrites.

  3. I applaud Mr. Graham on this move. I hope his victim is now able to find peace within herself and is able to engage him more if she needs further help in her healing. Many of us women who suffer through domestic violence are not as brave as she is and those of us who are are met only with denial from the men who have victimized us. I hope they both seek the help that they need to rebuild themselves. The sad thing is there are so many other men in other positions who need to do the same thing. We have members of parliament right now who are in extra marital affairs, men who have beaten up their girl friends in public, men who continue to verbally and psychologically abuse the women they are also quick to pledge love to on Facebook and other sites. What about these men will they do as Graham is asking and come clean. I don’t think so at all. All the best the young lady I hope she could one day stand tall as she should.

  4. Please! Please! Pretty Please! Chewps!

    “We are all hypocrites, passionate on
    crime, sex and drama.
    We are all hypocrites,
    building our two-dimensional dioramas

    We think fast, our half-witted brains
    We talk fast, our foolproof tongues

    We love to hate others, and bask in the glory
    of their demise.
    We hate to love our brothers, for all our speeches
    are mem’rized.

    Stepping stones from naivety. Our vainglorious insanity
    romanticizing reality.
    The hand that feeds us is our enemy.

    When will this stop?”

  5. Caribbean men are known for their passions
    For this gentleman to come out and ADMIT and apologize is a positive sign.
    I find it interesting that his Ex is coming out with this accusation at this time,
    Is she this bitter or are there other reasons.
    Let’s say that he was wrong to abuse her
    But it seems that he is a honest man, which is a big positive.
    Young man, politics is a messy business!
    Have faith, nobody kicks a dead dog!

  6. Here are some questions! Do we see and recognize the Dragon that terrorizes us? Who will pull the sward from the stone and enter into combat with our terrorisers? Can we recognize and identify our place in this Plantation Nation. Do we understand the nature of our numbing poverty?

    There is indeed much pervasive fear and rampant tyranny in SVG it deadens the mind! A ruling elite holds sway through our own ignorance. Their cronyism and equally rampant nepotism is all encompassing.

    The elite makes jokes at our expense yet this Plantation Nation of SVG is like a decayed putrefying stinking corpse because some of us are all so dunce!

    Who shouts enough! Where was I when true freedom in SVG died? And by the way what on earth has happened to that “Freedom of Information Act”

    Let us talk about the good use of the “Representative Of the People’s Act” this is very distraction!

  7. As the upper layer of grass is laid and freedom is laid to rest we must hang our collective head in shame!

    Why o’ why is there no outcry as “The Freedom of Information Act” collects dust in our Parliament Building? Who laments the slow and steady passing of Vincentian Freedom?

    Let us again talk about “The Representative Of The People’s Act” indeed it is so distracting! Let us say that to represent the people one must be of privileged birth. Let us say that one must be a member of the elite.

    Quick, cover that expanse of short grass and let us all forget where freedom is buried! Let the turf of grass hide out of memory where freedom is buried as it is good for the slaves! Hurry before nepotism and privileges are rumbled!

  8. In my view the woman has a right to come forward but most times when its done in spit and wickedness it has no real place with respect. As we all know dmm many times when men are running for political offices this is when women choose to come forward. In an gesture to spite and malingn the man. Total BS. Colin I applaud you great courage and keep focus the people business is not your Ex business so she needs to come cleaner than that. God bless you. It is my hope that no man or woman will take my text and be mislead but svg will find a way to deal with the issue of abuse or find ways to avoid the abuse in our society.

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