Government To Construct 90 Room Airport Hotel At Diamond

The Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines will construct a 90-room hotel in the vicinity of Kings Hill, Diamond.

Prime Minister Gonsalves on Tuesday said the area was chosen due its proximity to the Argyle International Airport.

 “The idea is to have a Holiday Inn express type facility and to add a feature that will attract Vincentians who want to spend a weekend or holiday with their families”.

Gonsalves said other facilities are being constructed within the framework of his government’s quest to build a modern, competitive society.

The state own airport hotel is expected to occupy 6-7 acres of land.


  1. i truly hope that the design of this or any government built hotel will be pre-approved by an operator prior to construction.
    failure in this simple procedure may leave a government operated white elephant

  2. The government should be doing things what government is supposed to do, such as maintaining roads and schools. Instead they are building hotels. The reason why the private sector does not build and operate hotels is because it is not profitable. Our taxes are unfair and way too high. This makes cost too high compared to what a person gets for thier money; but here we go again! Taxes will again need to go up in order to pay for these hotels the government is building, thus continuing the cycle that causes us to be in the poor financial state we are already in.
    What is the definition of insanity, or, in truth, when it refers to the collective intelligence of the few that make our governmental decisions it is just plain stupidity. It is as if the objective is to make us get poorer but make it appear as if they are trying to help us when in fact it will only benifit the few that will have reason and funds to use these hotels.
    I have never witnessed such financial stupidity as the government of Saint Vincent. Why are they spending so much money on things that will not benefit the country or its people? When are they going to start paying attention to the roads and Government buildings?
    Then they fool us by always stating that what they do is a great success. Look at the airport that is costing us a fortune. Look at the underused Cruise ship Terminal. The only reason it did well last year is because so much was destroyed of the infrastructure of the other countries in the region from the hurricanes. Next year we will again see great decline when they will again go to those places where they get more for thier dollar.
    When will the government of SVG ever start using thier brains?

    • The government can build hotels cheaper than the Private Sector. This is going to discourage Private entities from building hotels because they will see it impossible to compete against the government that gets things tax-free and will get favoritism in every area.
      Again we have the government creating a situation that destroys the ability of the private sector to create jobs and build the country.

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