Government To Ask CDB To Withhold Monies If Consultants Cannot Rectify Potholes In New Highway

Minister of Transport and Works Senator Julian Francis speaking of the renaming of the South Leeward Highway to The Nelson Mandela Highway said the rehabilitation works stretches from Kingstown to Straker resource centre in Layou.

He said the work is not yet completed and in due course, a final figure will be given, however, monies expended so far amounts to over 26 Million dollars.

Francis said that there is an extra 8 Million dollars’ worth of works to be done; however, there is no cost overrun in this project.

“In fact, we had surplus money to rehabilitate all the other by roads we were using during the construction of the highway”.

Francis said there are small works left to be done including bus stops.

He said there is also a burning issue between the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and Gibson Corner.

“ We are having recurring potholes, Last week I had a very firm discussion with the consultants and suggested to them that if they could not find a solution, the government will instruct CBD to withhold the money until a solution is found or until new contractors or found”.