Gonsalves warn citizens to Beware of false prophets

PM Gonsalves 2016

In his independence speech at the Victoria Park on Friday 27th October 2017, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves warned citizens to beware of “ False Prophets and the Apostles of Gloom and Doom”.

“ Avoid those in whatever political garb they come, to pull down SVG, those who never see anything good within”.

Gonsalves further told Vincentians to be mindful of those who wish bad for the country.

“ Those who would see our country burn, Metaphorically, only for them to be Kings and Queens of the resulting ashes”.

Gonsalves said such persons are always in a condition of permanent dissatisfaction, truly be aware of them he said.

“ Sadly, such persons also encourage others to be in a permanent state of dissatisfaction as well”.

The Prime Minister told citizens to always remember that public policy is serious business for a serious people.


  1. He may as well be saying, “I am bringing the country to ruin but be happy about it and allow me to continue to do so.”…”Continue to vote for your own poverty.” “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

  2. You are so right. Gonsalves is certainly telling us about himself. As you mention,…Who is the false profit that told us we will all be rich if we build a free airport paid for by the coalition of the willing. What PM promised to clean-up Kingstown, to fix all the roads and create thousands of jobs. Too bad that so many Vincentions are not awake enough to realize Gonsalves is the false profit he is warning us about.

  3. These one liners really getting under your skin. You holds every portfolio in government in St. Vincent and the Grenadines because you seem to be an expert in situations arise. Why reason with MR PUT TO RIGHT.
    In reference to your second paragraph I like your sentiments. Spring 2018 my second degree will be awarded my CCNP certification will be in my hand also. So I guess the pressures of work and providing not only for myself but a family of four doesn’t hinder me from achieving my goals before the age of thirty five.

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