Gonsalves Urge Vincy Students In Cuba To Keep The Faith Despite Hardship

(Kingstown St Vincent) – Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves wants persons with a myopic view of Cuba to drop it.

He noted that a few problems exist with the students in Cuba base on the reports he is getting from Ambassador Ellsworth John.

“I would like if some people when it comes to Cuba just drop their bitterness, and shed whatever useless hatred they may have to the Cuban government and people”.

Gonsalves said Cuba has trained hundreds and hundreds of our people, Free, and have contributed to Argyle Airport”.

Gonsalves said he receive reports as to what should be done for the students.

“ How could you take food to the students in Cuba, as some unthinking persons are saying, when the difficulties come we have to take the ruff with the smooth”.

Gonsalves said it is a temporary difficulty and is nowhere near the period while persons were studying when the Soviet Union had collapsed.

Gonsalves said the students are bearing whatever discomfort they are feeling with equanimity, however, they don’t want to throw in the towel.

Gonsalves urge students to do their work even in the circumstances, while the government continues to monitor the situation.

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