Gonsalves To Test Opposition’s Physical Strength In Parliament

A heavy Parliamentary schedule is ahead as the Christmas season approaches, this according to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves said he would be testing the energy of his political opponents in Parliament between Monday 10th December 2018 to December 31st, 2018.

He said between that time there will be twelve bills of great importance to be dealt with.

Speaking at his party’s convention on Sunday Gonsalves said on Monday 10th December,  Two bills dealing with the forward movement of the Medical Cannabis Industry will be taken to parliament

  • Medical Cannabis Bill
  • Cannabis Cultivation Amnesty Bill
  • The Permitted Use Of Cannabis For Religious Purposes Bill
  • The Drug Prevention And Misuse Amendment Bill
  • The Child Justice Bill
  • The Income Tax Amendment Bill
  • The Advance Cargo Information Bill
  • The Public Procurement Bill
  • The Automatic Exchange And Financial Account Information Common Reporting Amendment Bill
  • The Mt Wynne Hotel Project Loan Authorization Bill
  • The International Business Companies Amendment Bill
  • The International Trust Amendment Bill

Gonsalves said all of these bills would be debated substantively before the Christmas season, he said in all of the bills are important public policy to enhance governance and the lives of citizens.


  1. As all the ULP are familiar with the legislation he seeks to rush it through so fast the NDP will not have time to read it. I guess this is his form of democracy.

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