Gonsalves On State Visit To Dubai, Ghana And Nigeria

Photo Credit EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves left the state on 10 days of official business, which will see him travel to to Dubai, Ghana and Nigeria.

In Dubai Gonsalves will meet the Prime Minister of the (UAE) and the crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Gonsalves said that Dubai will be hosting a Caribbean Corporation Forum which will be attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Louis Straker; Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Camillo Gonsalves; Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture, Cecil McKie and several public servants.

On November 26 Gonsalves will travel to Ghana where he is hoping to establish cooperation agreements to deal with matters of trade, culture, education, tourism and diplomatic connections on an on-going basis.

Prime Minister Gonsalves added that on his visit to Nigeria they will be looking to do similar things as they plan to do with Ghana.


  1. I wonder how much this visit is going to cost the Vincentian Taxpayers. All those big-shots demand everything First-Class; Airfare, Hotel, Food,… the whole nine yards! What are we going to get for it? A possible 2 year seat on the Security Council, in 2 years; that cannot bring us any benefit.

  2. There is Gold in dem there places! So is he on a Gold hunt Jamal? Many before him were doing just that and came away with both Gold and slaves.

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