Gonsalves and Friday differ on the church's role

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Opposition leader Dr Godwin Friday last week said the church had lost its way on matters of morality.

It is because of this Friday said the party introduced the Spiritual and Social Redemption Charter in 2003 which the ruling ULP regime refused to have debated in parliament.

We continue to see the need for addressing the issues raised in the Charter says Dr Friday.

The Opposition leader expressed In the past, society depended on the Church for guidance and worked on matters of morality and addressing and up-keeping established values which we consider still very relevant today.

“The Church is no longer the mover in this area for a variety of reasons, including being itself infected by the political divisiveness prevalent in the country”.

In response to the Opposition Leader, Gonsalves says he thinks the church still plays its role. The point Gonsalves said is who must provide it, the moral instruction.

“ The Government, he and other politicians, I would have thought that the church still does, despite all of its limitations, along with the family and the school”.

Gonsalves said Friday might be bemoaning the fact that the numbers in traditional churches have gone done.

“ I still see the church as playing a significant role, that’s why on Monday we are having a national day of prayer”.

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  1. As all of us living in SVG have noticed in these many years, our PM believes that ALL power must be held by the government, (and the people or institutions should have NONE). We have seen that he is slowly trying to make it so the government controls every aspect of every life in the country. This is obviously not working. Although they want the government to even control every aspect of the private sector (building houses, managing hotels, etc…) This has not gone over well for at least half the population who still believe in personal independence and freedom and will not dance barefoot to everything “The Comrade” wants. The ULP may even still have the ULP Confession Booth, set up to compete against the Catholic Church.

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