Giving Up Leadership Is A Complicated Matter

 “I have indicated publicly that i would like to relinquish my post as leader to someone else in the party, giving them enough time before the 2020 elections”.

That is what Gonsalves told Dwight “Bing” Joseph of Boom FM following Joseph’s comments that he Gonsalves had stated that he would give up leadership by 2018.

Gonsalves said he has advanced that position, however his life is not one where what he wants to do is determine only by him.

“I can’t just walk away, I am not a king in a party, I have a democratic party, and I have to listen to the views of the organs of the party, the Central Executive for instance, the rank and file voters, etc.”.

Gonsalves said the matter has always been a complicated one but did not elaborate any further on such statement.

“Generally, there is strong support for the comrade to continue, however there is also strong support for his wish”.

Gonsalves told Joseph he does not anoint people referring to his son Camillo Gonsalves taking over as party leader.

Gonsalves said he currently has four wishes.

“At the moment of my death, I must have no more sins to confess, I must have no enemies, I must own nothing and finally I must not leave behind any unfinished task”.

Gonsalves said the youngsters in the party to which people are looking to for future leadership is Camillo Gonsalves and Saboto Caesar, that’s not a secret he said.

“I can say this that these two guys are more popular than anything NDP has to offer including Friday”.

Gonsalves said one of the things that must be giving headache to the NDP strategist is how to contain the ULP from winning again.

 “Leadership is important, look around the Caribbean since the 2008 recession, every country within the CMSE has either gone to the IMF or sell passports, except TNT and SVG, am only making an observation am not saying anything bad about them”.

Gonsalves said during that period SVG built the largest capital project that is the Argyle Airport, and yet every single month public servants received their salaries on time.

The people are watching and will make a sensible decision Gonsalves said.

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  1. You write this that;
    “Gonsalves said he currently has four wishes.” One of his wishes is. “At the moment of my death, I must have no more sins to confess,”. I do find this statement of his a little strange, as I understand it that he says that he is a Christian.
    It would appear that he needs a better teacher in religion as he may be most sadly surprised.
    There again Marxist do have a problem with religion. As Karl Marx puts it in 1843, “Religion is the opium of the masses” So is Ralph Gonsalves a Christian?
    During Ralph Gonsalves control of our Government just how Christion and democratic was SVG?
    We here speak of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Hairouna, land of the blessed, really? What a joke! For want of good legitimate democratic government, the country was lost to entitlement, crony capitalism, privileged persons, nepotism, despotic rule and dynasty building. What a mocking joke on a majority people, us, who are the descendants of African slaves who themselves knew much despondency.

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