GHS Student Ace Exams! 19 Passes, 18 Grade 1’s

Just over 10 percent of students at this year’s CSEC exams got grade one level, 27 percent obtained grade 2, and 35 percent grade 3.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, this morning on StarFm, said through it all a shining light emits from the Girls High School.

Iana Ferguson from the Girls high school achieved 19 passes, 18 grade 1’s and 1 grade 2. Ferguson also received a grade 1 in Maths, and grade 2 in Additional Maths.

According to Prime Minister Gonsalves, the student is expected to head to the Community College where she is projected to pursue  Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology,  along with another subject once permitted.

Additionally, three students obtained 13 passes; four students earned 12 passes, and 31 with 11 subject passes.

Gonsalves said the schools which recorded percentage passes of 80 percent and above included the Girls High School with 95.5, St Joesph Convent 90.6, Boys Grammer School 87.6, Thomas Saunders 86, and St Martin with 82 percent passes.

He stated that there were ten other schools with credible pass rates of 60 -80 percent of their entries.

Those schools include; St Joesph Convent Marriaqua 79 percent, Bequia SDA 74 percent, Mountain View Adventist Acadamy 74 percent, Bishops college 73 percent, West St George Secondary 70 percent, Georgetown Secondary 66 percent, North Union Secondary 64 percent, Barrouallie Secondary  63 percent, Troumaca Ontario Secondary 62 percent, and Emanuel Mesopotamia with 61 percent.

Gonsalves said the school which had the highest or most significant improvement was the Georgetown Secondary which moved from 45.7 percent in 2016 to 66 percent in 2017, a 20 Percent rise.

By Ernesto Cooke


  1. Anyone of intelligence and real learning (as opposed to formal credentialized education) who looks at the huge list of dumbed-down non-academic CXC subjects and compares them to a much slimmer comparable list of traditional subjects 60 years ago would surely recognize that 15 Ordinary Level subjects today is equal to one-third that number decades ago. The same holds true for grade rankings which have been grossly inflated from years ago. Our students are “passing” more and more subjects with much higher grades but are, in fact, learning much less than their educated parents and grandparents ever did.

    For our very intelligent and highly educated PM to say that he initiated an “education revolution” soley based on building more schools and admitting thousands more dunces and then socially promoting them from one grade to the next based only on their age is the height of hypocricy.

    Still, our “education revolution” has proven to be a good election slogan to help keep the ULP in power from one election to another.

    • Well said and very true! I wonder if these great students ever wonder how well they would do in a test that is not dumbed-down. Our PM has cheated them from ever knowing.

  2. The results have to be converted to make intuitive sense when compared to a student who sit those very courses
    35-60 years ago. For example they split Geography into there different courses. Therefore, in order to get an idea of how brilliant the students are, simple divide results today by three to get an idea of how well these students have done.

  3. Is it envy of just bad mind that have the two of you beating upon these amazing kids. First thing I understand its not your kids so you don’t have to be happy for them,instead of degrading the effort help lift them up sothere can do better in the next phase. Just because you never achive what they did doesn’t mean that you can’t accept there achivement.

    If these said individuals very high school drop outs due to teenage pregnancy or drug addicts I am pretty sure there would of been a lot of rejoicing amounts you both.

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