Friday Should Apologise For “Peddling Misconceptions And Untruths”

News784 contacted Hon. Saboto Caesar for a response to a statement made by Dr. Friday regarding fisheries among other things.

This country’s Minister of Fisheries, Hon. Saboto Caesar, in his response, has called on Dr. Godwin Friday to apologise to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for “peddling misconceptions and untruths”.

NEW784 quoted recently a statement made by Dr. Friday on Boom radio:

“I use the fish plant in Owia, they spent 33m on it and not a single job created, now I am being told that it is being used to package fish out of the Grenadines and then shipped out.”

The Minister noted that the plant in Owia currently employs 25 persons and it increases up to 30 during the peak of processing.

Product is exported to other Caribbean islands, US and Asia. These facts are well known.

Further, I find it baffling, that someone would see something wrong if a fish is caught in the Grenadines and processed in Owia. Is there a rule against that in law or economics?

Rainforest Seafoods will be processing fish caught on the high seas, and from different places in our territorial waters by local fishers.

Is the Leader of the Opposition “imagining things”?

Bequia Seafoods processes product caught in Union Island. So what is wrong with that, the Minister chided.

The increased activity at the processing plants around SVG ensured that over the last 2 years we witnessed an over 100% increase in exports of fish and fish products.

In the constituency of the Northern Grenadines, over 50 persons are employed in that fish plant.

The Minister ended by noting that Dr. Friday, just like the NDP – they do not have a clue as to what is taking place!

News784 has attached a video of persons working at the Owia Fisheries Complex where Dr. Friday said, “not a single job created”.

The question for the public is, was Dr. Friday misinformed, if yes by whom. Should Dr. Friday apologise?

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