Friday: Governments Don’t Build Cities, Hopes The Tunnel Is Never Built

The Tunnel under Cane Garden promised by the Unity Labour Government as a measure to alleviate traffic flow in and out of capital city Kingstown, is now on the list of projects the Opposition NDP does not want to become a reality.

The project is now added to the many including Argyle Airport, The Geothermal Project and the Rabbaca Bridge.

Friday said that one of the things the government is good at is producing projects which have no connection to overall development.

He said they are doing things for a show.

“ I use the fish plant at Owia, they spent 33 Million dollars on it and not a single job created, now I am told it is being leased to package fish out of the Grenadines and then shipped out”.

He said the tunnel under Cane Garden would be a continuation of such.

“ They put a picture and say they are going to build a city in Arnos Vale, where have you ever heard that government built cities, non-sense, and then a tunnel under Cane Garden, I hope it never happens, because it’s not practical, Friday said.”

Friday was at the time speaking on Boom Fm when he made the comments.

List of cities built by Governments

The Government of India announced its plan to build 100 smart cities and rejuvenate another 500 cities. Subsequently, Rs.980 billion for the development of the 100 cities, and Rs.480 billion for the upgrading of 500 others.

Literally, hundreds of entirely new cities have been sprouting up across Asia and Africa since the early 2000s.

In all, over 40 countries — such as Malaysia, Nigeria, China, Morocco, India, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Oman, Kazakhstan, and Kenya — have dumped billions of dollars into developing new cities from the ground up.

Indonesia alone is busy at work constructing no less than 27 new cities.

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