Four Prison Officers Arrested On Suspicion In The Primus Saga

Following the escape of Veron Primus from her Majesty’s Prison on Tuesday four prison officers have been arrested on Suspicion, and are now the subject of an investigation.

Police Commissioner Colin John said the officers are currently in custody/care and will not return to duty until the powers that be determine their fate.

Commissioner John in an interview on Boom FM refused to say whether or not there are cameras installed at her Majesty’s prison, however, he noted that the four officers that are now in police custody were on duty when Primus made his escape.

The top cop told citizens that the incident is isolated and they have put measures in place to mitigate such reoccurrence, he noted that sometimes there are police or prison officers who operate below the standard protocol.

Veron Primus, was indicted 10 years after the 2006 murder of Brooklyn high school student Chanel Petro Nixon, he turned himself in to police Tuesday afternoon, 12 hours after he escaped from prison.

Primus, 32, is awaiting trial in Her Majesty’s Prison on other charges: He was accused of brutally stabbing a St. Vincent real estate agent, Sharleen Greaves, in November 2015 —and later kidnapping an ex-girlfriend, Mewanah Hadaway, holding her prisoner in his aunt’s home for nearly four months.

He was on Wednesday sentenced to 16 months in prison for escaping lawful custody.