Former G G Sir Frederick Ballantyne Passes

News784 understands that former Governor-General Sir Frederick Ballantyne has died.

Sir Ballantyne recently demitted the office of Governor-General citing health reasons.

The announcement of his death was made by Prime Minister Gonsalves on Thursday morning.

News784 will update in a later post.


  1. Thanks GG for being a person of ‘Humility’ and for all your professional support; knowing and unknowingly. You have done your job, carried the torch and now you can rest in peace Sir. God Bless you Soul

  2. It is with deep sadness on the passing g of Sir Freddie Ballantyne and he will be greatly remembered as a Patriot of St vi cent & Grenadines may God comfort his families at this time and may they be strengthen in this time of sorrow e stong and courageous love you all very much God bless

  3. Dr B. was a wonderful human being. A selfless, Vincentian patriot who touched the lives of so many of us. A very dear friend to me and my family. We love you and will miss you. May God grant you a much deserved resting place with Him.

  4. Dr B was a great humanitarian who Ive been blessed to know for many years. He was a champion for St Vincent, working tirelessly to improve health care and the economy of the country. He helped thousands of people and will be sorely missed, Truly a great human being.

  5. Uncle(Sir) Freddie as i call him was a great friend of my uncle George Richardson and always very kind to our family- Rest in Peace.

    I wish to convey sincerest CONDOLENCES, on behalf of my family, to the family, other relatives and friends, of SVG Governor-General(2002-2019) Sir FREDERICK NATHANIEL BALLANTYNE on the occasion of his recent passing. I believe he was regarded as the premier heart surgeon in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He was a distant paternal cousin. May he rest in peace.
    With cordiality
    Steve Lougheed-Huggins


    Sir Frederick BALLANTYNE, 1936-2020, was born in LAYOU, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, to SAMUEL Ballantyne (a small hotelier) and his wife, OLIVE, on the 5th July, 1936.
    Freddie Ballantyne obtained his CHEMISTRY, B.Sc.,degree MAGNA CUM LAUDE from HOWARD UNIVERSITY, 1959. He then went on to procure his Doctor of Medicine at SUNY UPSTATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY [Syracuse University] in Syracuse, New York, 1963 – – – where he was very active in Student Government and was elected President of the Student Government in his final year. Dr Ballantyne next completed his INTERNSHIP at the MONTREAL GENERAL HOSPITAL, Quebec, Canada, after his graduation and obtained a RESIDENCY at ROCHESTER GENERAL HOSPITAL, New York,1968-1969.
    lATER, still, Dr. Frederick Ballantyne, 1970-71 pursued a Fellowship in Cardiology at Rochester General Hospital, in Rochester, NY. Probably on account of this, he was later dubbed “the most highly trained doctor in the island” subsequent to his return to SVG in 1971. He was married to Sally-Ann Ballantyne; they had two children: Adam and Emma.
    In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Frederick Ballantyne served as District Medical Officer (DMO)… Chief of Medicine, and Medical Director> He also co-ordinated the Visiting Specialist Programme which brought so many international professional medical/surgical experts to the State at minimal [housing] cost.
    Dr. Frederick Ballantyne also functioned at St. George’s University Medical School from 1976 to 1985, as Assistant Dean of Clinical Studies. He has been an Internal Medical consultant, and also appeared on the Editorial Board of The International Academy of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis. He received the Honorary degree of “Doctor of Science” [D.Sc.] from the University of the WEST INDIES (UWI) in 2002.
    This eminent VINCENTIAN professional was appointed GOVERNOR GENERAL of SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES in 2002, and decorated Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George ((GCMC). Hail, Sir Frederick Ballantyne!
    On assuming the Governor General-ship, Sir Frederick was succeeding the charming DAME MONICA DACON, then ACTING GOVERNOR GENERAL. The former Governor General, SIR CHARLES ANTROBUS, had died, in office, in June 2002. Sir Frederick took over the post on September 2nd, 2002. The inestimable [DAME] SUSAN DOUGAN has since last summer been elevated to the Governor General’s post.
    The incumbent political administration in SVG since about 30th March, 2001, has been led by Prime Minister RALPH GONSALVES and the UNITY LABOUR PARTY (ULP).
    Like his father, Sir Frederick has engaged in various businesses,including part-proprietorship in YOUNG’s ISLAND. Some of his business involvements have occasioned some negative public relations. However, his professional medical/surgical practice has, to my reckoning, received much high praise and commendation.
    GOOD-BYE, SIR FREDERICK BALLANTYNE. You have had a great innings.
    Yours Respectfully,
    Steve Lougheed-Huggins.
    Amateur Local Historian.

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