FloodLight Football Comes To Redemption Sharpes

With a spate of violent crimes in the recent months, night sports is a welcome relief to the residents of Sharpes and may very well be part of the deterrent to the scourge of crime in that community.

The Emancipation Month Sports Challenge – End of Summer Classic is currently taking place on the sharpes playing field.

The floodlight football sees clubs of Kingstown as they bring positivity to the youths of the area.

The games began on the 15th of August and will conclude on 21st August.

Participating teams include; Avenues, Sesco, Green Hill, Largo Height, Police, along with a team from West Kingstown and East Kingstown.

On the 22nd and 23rd, there would be floodlight cricket 10/10 at the Largo Height Playing Field.

From the 23rd to 29th there would be floodlight netball at Pauls Avenue or Bishop’s college hard court.

On Wednesday 15th August the games kicked off with a match between Sesco and Police, Sesco came out victorious over police 1 nil.