FirstCaribbean promotes sustainable economy through local farmers

The Richmond Vale Academy Community recently staged a Farmers’ Market in Chateaubelair to give local farmers an opportunity to sell their produce and provide a sense of community and commerce.

Meg Workman of Richmond Vale Academy and Family Producers of Organic Food explained that the event helped establish organic gardens for 20 different families and to teach them concepts centred on permaculture and its effectiveness in repairing the environment.

She said this enabled  families to take charge of their well-being through the consumption of healthy foods and also gave them a means of financial stability they may not otherwise have.”

“Since then the gardens have proven to be successful, however, we were faced with the challenge of selling the surplus of organic crops. However the support and contribution from CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank, in staging the Famers’ Market not only benefitted the pocketbooks of the local families, but also created a cultural experience and a shared sense of community in Chateaubelair,” she added.

Shelly-Ann Samuel, Country Head of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank said the bank was pleased to support the Richmond Vale Academy and Family Producers of Organic Food initiative to foster vitality in our local community and promote a sustainable economy through connecting local farmers directly to customers”.