First Test Reveals Vincy Marijuana Is “Natural High Grade”.

Results so far are that locally grown marijuana is of a natural high grade.

Speaking at a testing of samples of Marijuana here in St Vincent as the government moves ahead with plans to establish a medicinal cannabis industry, Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar said that they are creating an industry with all the possibilities and opportunities for young people.

He said it is certainly an exciting time particularly for Rastafarians who have advanced a particular cause over the years.

Caeser said that there are over 15 investors local and international who have shown interest.

The Minister said he wants to put a stop to this notion that local persons will be left behind, it is not our intention, it was never our intention, and it is not going to happen, he said.

“ No one is going exclude anyone from the possibilities and the opportunities, however at the end of the day each person must make a calculation about the investment and the risk that they are willing to take”.

Caesar said what he envisions is that persons would form cooperatives and companies so that they can pool factors of production.

The scientist testing on Thursday afternoon revealed that cannabis grown here is much more potent than those grown in the hills of Jamaica.

The testing which continues on Friday revealed on Thursday afternoon a THC of 25.5 percent in one strain which is grown in the hills of SVG and not in a controlled environment.

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  1. This is nothing to be proud of and the NDP who is championing the freeing up if cannabis is irresponsible at best. The are putting the cart first before the horse. Before freeing up the spliff as they call it , they better be prepared to build rehibitation Centre and the skill professional first to staff these centres. This is the reason why I am weary of the ULP but is afraid of what may happen under a NDP government with their regressive policies. From wanting to end a progressive relationship with the Republic of China and the list goes on. Remember least we forget they were in power for 17 years and have done virtually nothing in those years. We Vincentian I am sure do not suffer from collective amnesia.

      • Exactly my point… I’m here right now visiting and it’s sad that most of these youth consume rum or liquor more than marijauna.

      • Amen. Al Mckenzie knows nothing about the physiological, psychological, and other effects of marijuana but accepts the long discredited position that it is a harmful, addictive, and dangerous substance.

    • July 25 1984 to march 28 2001. Fit in 17 years deh leh me see. Sone keep on trumpeting “for over 17 years!” Why do we keep repeating that fallacy?

  2. There is no business plan or numbers to go with this weed hullabaloo that I’ve heard of. It’s clearly a ‘political’ initiative and such poorly thought out and with scant regard to the side issues such as deforestation and land slides which would undoubtedly ensue. In my humble opinion…

  3. I call BS. There is NO way the THC content found in that pot is close to 25%. As someone who comes from a country where weed is legal I can say there is ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON. Vincentian pot is probably closer to 7-9% THC. Some of the strongest strains in the world grown using hydroponics has a THC content of 27%. This report is rubbish and I’d like to see an independent study done to prove or disprove these bogus claims.

  4. This is a well known fact even before the tests. Our natural fertile volcanic soil makes this possible. That’s why our weed is so highly sorted after throughout the Caribbean. Now it’s time to establish the Marijuana Growers Association in SVG!

  5. money dem gine make wen dem open weed farm and havest fields…watch dem fight u a war if u na plant weed with dem government and system..wait for the tricks

  6. High THC is not what you want for medical grade weed, that is for the stoners, high cbd is what your after in regards to producing a strain for medical patients, unless of course you want people running around high as a kite. Medical grade weed has very little thc and does not produce a “high”.

  7. We the people of the Caribbean keep pretending that we are not aware that our politicians are in cahoots with the leaders of the big countries to keep up in slavery. While we keep pretending they keep accomplishing

  8. Just legalize the plant. It’s all natural. Don’t need to be processed it’s pick and use just like maiden blush that is used as a laxative and sends you to the toilet many times in a day. Just legalize the herb and stop with all the tricks

  9. C.Ben-David I for what do not claim to be an expert in the field with respect to the danger and side effects of cannabis. I tell you one thing the effects are real,last week one Toronto cop consumed edible cannabis. You know what happened he went up in a tall tree and cried for help. Imagine a cop who was armed to the teeth and obviously high on Ganga shouted help helped. So tell me C.ben-David was the cry for help real or imaginary? It. Seems as if your criticism are always unfounded.

  10. Decriminalization should be the opening speech on this topic. If we are moving towards producing or tapping into the MEDICAL MARIJUANA INDUSTRY. Doesn’t that mean this NATURAL HERBAL MEDICINE should not be allowed to be labeled as a DRUG. Point beginning to use a natural plant should not be a crime.
    Also, we should not piggy back off other countries, put in place policies that makes the locals first preference , economic growth threw social development investments. Develop a Local Brand Marijuana Tourism Industry which will develop local Restaurants, Dispensaries, Craft Shops , Tours . We have an International Airport Now. It’s SVG time.. Smallest Nation with big Hearts.
    Many families have lost love ones who have dedicated their lives to defending the HERB. Time for change in every way possible. Selah

  11. I know for a fact saboto caecer have a strong point economically and financially because for a fact st Vincent have the best volcanic soil in the Caribbean n employment for young people ect !!

  12. Ppl don’t will be a government control grown ganjah… Goverment farmers of congo valley only …them guys in the hills will never get rich off goverment

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