First International Flight To AIA (ETA) 7 am 14th February 2017

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The Argyle International Airport will accept her first international flight when a Boeing 767 touches down on the 9000 feet runway, up to the taxiway, and onto the apron making its stop at the airbridge.

A reliable source has indicated to News784 that a Dynamic International Airways flight from JFK,  will land at 7 am on 14th February 2017.

The source also indicated that the flight would go onwards to Guyana its final destination on that route.

On Thursday 18th January,  CEO of Guyanese Base Roraima Airways Gerald Gouveia told the gathering at the groundbreaking ceremony for the MtWynne/Peters Hope Development,  that his company is looking at having Dynamic Airways Boeing 767s doing connections from JFK weekly,  to St Vincent.

“We are going to connect flights out of New York into St Vincent and then on to Guyana,” Gouveia said.

“ What brought me here is our international operations, we have partnered with an American company call Dynamic Airways which operates five days per week out of Newyork to Guyana.”

Roraima Airways owned by Captain Gerald Gouveia is the official ground handling and ticketing agent for Dynamic International Airways in Guyana.

Sunwing and Caribbean Airlines will also land at AIA for the Opening ceremony on 14th February 2017.


  1. I will like to thank the Directors of the Airline and the negotiators.Let me take this opportunity, to ask all Vincentian’s in the USA to patronize this thoughtful and financial Savy gesture; to Partner with Dynamic Airline for frequent flight into SVG AIA. Let us bond our bellies and guard this industry for our future generations.

  2. If it is a FACT Dynamic Airline will be doing frequent flights from NY into SVG AIA, let the praises begin. Blessings.

  3. I wish all my vincie neighbors all the best After seeing the condition of the airport after the last flooding,,I will hold back on my handshake..

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