Parents of children attending the Marriaqua Government School, have been urged to continue to give support to their children and to the school.

This from Minister of Education and Parliamentary Representative for Marriaqua, Hon. St Clair ‘Jimmy’ Prince, as he spoke on Monday September 3rd at the schools’ first assembly for the new school year 2018/2019.

The Minister of Education said he was happy to see so many parents at the first assembly.  “This is my alma mater so I have a very soft spot in my heart for the Marriaqua Government School,” the Area Representative affirmed.  Minister Prince told the new students and those who are returning, “I am sure that you are going to find that this school will serve you very well once you listen to your teachers and you do your work the way you are supposed to do it.”

To the principal and teachers, Minister Prince expressed hope that this will be a very productive year for them. He noted that at the Ministry of Education they will continue to support them in whatever way they can and told them not to hesitate to call on the  Ministry for whatever help they can give.

Principal of the Marriaqua Government School, Mrs. Susan Joyles, expressed thanks to Minister Prince for gracing them with his presence.  Mrs. Joyles urged the students to “study hard, pay attention to teachers, and to do their homework, noting that these are things that will produce children who will be successful.

Joyles extended thanks to Red Dog Garage for the loan of a power wash to assist with the cleaning of the school.  Also, she thanked the staff and parents who collaborated to clean the school.

Seventh-day Adventist Pastor, Kerry Kerr, delivered spiritual encouragement at the assembly.  He prayed that the students would remain positive and say I can when faced with difficulties in school.  He reminded the students that wisdom begins with God.

The school also received a much needed paint job compliments the group “Country Meet Town and the Out of Trouble Family.”  Coreas/Hazells also assisted with the cleaning of the kindergarten classroom.