February 14th, 2017 to be declared a public holiday

14th February 2017,  will be declared a public holiday for the opening of the Argyle International Airport.

The announcement was made by Senator Julian Francis while speaking on StarFm Tuesday night.

Francis said that Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves would take the matter to Cabinet shortly, which is expected to be approved.

Gonsalves, speaking on Star FM recently announced that February 14th, 2017 is the Official opening date for the Argyle International Airport.

Caribbean Airlines and Sunwing Airlines will make their inaugural flights to Argyle International Airport on the island nation of St Vincent.

There would be a flag raising ceremony to declare the airport open on the evening of  February 13th.

The official opening ceremony will be held in the vicinity of the fuel farm on the 14th of February; this had to be done since the airport would already be in operation.


  1. What madness is this? The country need to work to pay the mortgage on this Airport not take a day off!

    No wonder we are where are! Give them more RUM, Song and dance Ralph! It keeps them Poor and happy!

    • I wish I could be there to witness the touchdown. Shame on the negative talks, I am really bored with it. Our Airport is a reality now.

    • It is not over until the FAT LADY SINGS. Instead of a HOLIDAY. Pay the workers from Buccament Bay Resort some of that money that you keep wasting. Taxpayers money that is. They still need to buy food and pay their mortgages and send their kids to school. It is still a hard environment to exist in. These conditions were brought about by the hard economical conditions that exist on the Island and the Budgetary Bills that he keeps introducing on the Taxpayers of SVG every year. He has Mortgaged the future of every woman, man and child in SVG for all eternity.

  2. Cyrus you are just the sort of person this “Public Holiday” and a Day off work is aimed at!

    A Day off work drinking Rum and jigging about, you and your piccaninnies! Cyrus have you any ides what this “Public Holiday” will cost us as a country economically? Ralph, the Neo-Colonialist and his gang of tricksters knows exactly how much but they won’t be disclosing it!

    Have you any idea how much “Man Hours” in working hours that will be lost to the country as a whole, by you and others like you jigging about, drinking Rum and waving your flag about, instead of spending the Day working to better yourself and thus the country Cyrus?

    I am sure that you do not have any idea of the economic cost to the Country Cyrus and you do not care either and that is a problem for the rest of us.

    This Country is in a most sorry-full mess, literally and financially and a “Public Holiday” is called just because something is said to have been built?

    Cyrus this Gonsalves Government, you and others like you, are why we as a country cannot pay our way in the world. We have too much partying and not enough working!

    Ralph Gonsalves, this Neo-Colonialist and his gang, knows just how “simple” in every sense of this word, you all are, and just how much you people equally loves your Rum and jigging about at every opportunity, so they call a Public Holiday as a political gesture, in pleasing to you all. Simple things for simple people!

    Cyrus I bet you have no idea what the G.D.P or the G.N.P of this Country is and how they relates to the money we earn and spend as a Country! Cyrus have you even given thought on how we will be paying the Mortgage on this Airport?

    I would also bet you Cyrus that you do not know that when we have “Public Holidays”, working hours are lost to us as a Country and that in turn impacts on the few businesses that exist here.

    Neither you Cyrus, nor Ralph Gonsalves the Neo-Colonialist, and his family gang cares about such facts because Ralph Gonsalves can go cap-in-hand to other Countries with a begging bowl seeking and begging for other people’s hard earned TAX Dollars as Grants.

    Ralph Gonsalves knows that when he goes a’begging to the USA, the UK and EUROPE, TAIWAN, INDIA, JAPAN and other larger nations, pleading poverty on our behalf, their hard working people’s TAX Dollars are handed out to to him, and thus to us, in the form of large cheques, in sympathy for our sorry plight. Shame on us who spends our time partying instead of working!

    Well Cyrus, let it be known that paying Bills, be it as a nation or individually, is directly related to the amount of work we do, and God knows, we do need to be working every possible working day that God gracefully sends us.

    Party, sing and dance, drink your Rum, jigg about if you wish Cyrus but work first!

    • Enlighten me what will one day cost “US”? It is declared a public holiday but if you run a private business you can open full day or half day. Why are we against everything in this country.

    • Secondly, I can tell you first hand America does the most begging of any country not assumptions. Facts. Ask me how I know I dare you. You sound like you are NDP voter which is fine but the issue is they say ralph divides the country yet both sides do the same. Embrace the damn day, stay home or go to the site and get ready for work on the 15th!!!!!

  3. Whether it is a public holiday or not it’s going to happen, you don’t have to come and be part of it. You can stay home and on the 15th of February open up your device and blog away with your negativity.

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