Father Of Two Says The Behavior Of Reckless Van Drivers Must Be Curtailed

In picture the van HS 308

A father of two children said he really can’t say what he would have done on Saturday 2nd June,  2018, if the driver of minivan, HS 308, had hurt any members of his family.

On Saturday while returning home to Glen, with his wife, kids, along with three other family members, the driver of a Nissan Carivan minibus appeared behind his car and began agitating to pass.

The man said that on careful examination through his mirror there were no hazard lights; neither did he hear any honking horn, known indicators of an emergency.

He told News784 that he continued on his journey and on passing the Mount Moriah Adventist church and levelling off onto the Prospect main highway he observed a sign that clearly says: “No Overtaking”.

“That is when it got worst”, the man said.

“He began to get ‘wild up’ as we say locally, pushing to force past us with passengers on board! The reckless driving was terrifying I believe, to passengers on board and certainly to my family it was!”

The man said, “He began trying to push us off the road! Vehicles heading to the Windward side were not giving him way”.

“His only alternative was to drive the van in the middle of the road hoping to get past, and like I said there was no signal of an emergency! At one point he almost ran into my side! He had no choice but to pull back”.

The man told News784, “At his only chance to break free he did and slowed down in front of me. If not for my skills I would have crashed into the back of the minivan!”

He said, “An eyewitness to the event described what he saw as frightening! I asked myself, ‘What if?’ “

“I saw a car with kids inside and the driver trying not to do anything rash since other oncoming vehicles were not giving the van any chance to pass.”

“I saw smoke coming from the tires when the van passed the car and had to almost grind to halt in front of it, as if to tell the driver: ‘Run in nah yo bad nah?’ “

The distraught father told News784 that some of these van drivers are becoming quite overbearing with regards their behavior on the streets of Kingstown and of the roads of this country.

He described the situation as one of serious concern to many road users.

“The worst thing of all”, he says, “is that most of the times it’s not their van! They are just driving! Sometimes you ask yourself, ‘How did these people obtain their license?’ Because from all appearances, they seem ignorant of many things concerning the road and the rules that apply!”

“Do you know what was most disturbing?” the father bemoaned. “One passenger in the back seat pushed his head out of the window and began using expletives at me! I am not sure he knew how much danger his life was in!”

The perturbed father told News784 that he was going to find out who owns HS 308, if only to let the Owner(s) of the vehicle know that the Driver is reckless and may one day, not only destroy their income, but kill persons in the process.

“Something”, the man says, “must be done to curtail this sought of wanton behaviour.”

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