Evesham Resident Said Van In Viral Video Almost Killed Him

As Vincentians continue to speak about the unruly and reckless behaviour of some minivan drivers, an Evesham resident told News784 he was almost killed over the weekend.

The Evesham resident told News784 that the white minivan which appeared in a viral video over the weekend plys the Evesham – Kingstown route.

The resident noted that the van named “PRETTY BOY” almost killed him while making his way home Friday night.

 “ Is the brightest light I ever see on any vehicle, I had to stop my eyes came dark and they driving on bright, I understand the light them can’t dim, and the rate at which the van was moving, I had to ditch on one side not sure of where I was going”.

The resident noted he is however grateful to be alive.

In June a father of two children on his way from church encountered a reckless driver of a minivan on the Prospect main road, the family survived the ordeal.

The distraught father told News784 that some of these van drivers are becoming quite overbearing with regards their behaviour on the streets of Kingstown and of the roads of this country.

He described the situation as one of serious concern to many road users.

“The worst thing of all”, he says, “is that most of the times it’s not their van! They are just driving! Sometimes you ask yourself, ‘How did these people obtain their license?’ Because from all appearances, they seem ignorant of many things concerning the road and the rules that apply!”

“Something”, the man says, “must be done to curtail this sought of wanton behaviour.”