Electrical Inspectorate To Hold Safety Awareness Activities

Electricity is an integral part of life but situations arise daily where the use of electricity has deadly consequences.

The Electrical Inspectorate Division with its mandate to ensure electrical safety throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines will this year be embarking on a holistic safety awareness programme beginning on the 13th May, 2019 with the Slogan “Electrical Safety is Everybody’s Business”.

Our activities include:
13th May, 2019 Launching of the Programme
17th May, 2019 Whistle-stop from Chateaubelair to Kingstown
22nd & 23rd  May, 2019 Electrical seminars at the Technical Institutes
24th May, 2019 Whistle-stop from Georgetown to Kingstown
31st May, 2019 Exhibition at the Old Treasury Parking Lot in Kingstown.

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