EC$135 Million Secured For Hotel Development At Mount Wynne

This country will soon have an international hotel brand operating here; this after the government secured a loan from Taiwan.

Prime Minister Gonsalves on Thursday 7th June 2018 said he was notified by the Taiwanese’s embassy here about the approval of a US 50 Million dollar loan.

The US $50 million or EC 135 Million dollars soft loan will go towards the construction of a 250-room hotel at Mount Wynne.

Gonsalves noted that the government intends to build the hotel, however, it will engage a company with a global brand to market and manage it.

In February of 2018, the Minister of finance Camilo Gonsalves stated that the Government intends to construct a state-owned, private-sector managed hotel or hotels to add 200 – 350 rooms to the current stock of high-quality tourist accommodation.

This model he said is common throughout the region, with the Barbados Hilton,  Trinidad Marriott and Saint Kitts and Nevis Marriott being just a few of the many state-owned facilities that are managed by major international brands.

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  1. Another white Elephant no doubt? Or is it to be known as the “Gonsalves folly”? Or is that title reserved for the A.I.A?
    Is this to be just an ornamental building with no practical purpose whatsoever, totally devoid of paying guests?
    What on earth commercially has this Government has ever done successfully? Why put the cart before the horse? The mainland is a sprawling Slum or has this government not bothered to notice!
    The best thing this Government could do with this borrowed money, is to clean the country up, that is, if it is their aim to attract visitors to mainland SVG and while they are at it, perhaps curb the Gun violence too by giving us good Law and Order in the country.
    It this idea yet another one of those “Build it and they will come”? Who will pay back the money when the “they” don’t come because we lack Law and Order, are to slumish and grossly backward?

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