Dynamic Airways To Offer Direct Flights From JFK To AIA

Photo showing a Boeing 767 aircraft use by Dynamic for international flights

CEO of Guyanese Base Roraima Airways Gerald Gouveia, speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Peters Hope/Mt Wynne project,  said that St Vincent needs its direct flights.

He said the company is looking at having their 767s for international connections from JFK weekly,  through their collaboration with Dynamic Airways.

Gouveia said he is seeking to link flights out of St Vincent and Guyana like never before.

The CEO stated that they are going to connect flights out of New York into St Vincent and then on to Guyana.

He indicated that they are fast tracking the process,  to give Prime Minister Gonsalves a valentine gift of having their red and white 767 on the tarmac at Argyle International Airport on 14th February .

Roraima Airways is the official ground handling and ticketing agent for Dynamic International Airways in Guyana.


  1. What was Captain Gerald Guaveia doing at the ground breaking ceremony, is he an investor?
    Is this the same Guyanese gentleman that I came across whilst using the following search command on the google search engine.
    Gerry Gouveia,cocaine, Dynamic Air
    I also searched what peter Binose wrote about cocaine
    Peter Binose cocaine Argyle
    Or as they say ‘ASK RALPH’
    Sandra B

  2. You know it really seems that some yall vincentians hate progress.So you saying we should cancel what is practically finished and go back to give barbados and other intl airport islands the privilege over us?

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