Double Delay As LIAT Aircraft Bound For SVG Develops Mechanical Problems

Passengers at the AIA are irate at the moment as a LIAT flight destined for Trinidad and which should have left at 7.45 pm has been delayed for a second time.

An earlier announcement made by LIAT officials to its passengers noted that someone had taken ill on the flight from Barbados and the aircraft had to return to the ramp.

At 9.20 pm another announcement was made that the same aircraft which should have landed in SVG at 8.15 pm had to return to Barbados for a second time as it developed mechanical problems, this time around.

Passengers much to their disappointment are questioning whether a possible sick out is underway.

They are also voicing an opinion as to why another aircraft could not ben sent to SVG since mechanical issues are nothing to play around with.

Passengers said they were told that LIAT has no more information at this time as to when the Trinidad bound flight would leave SVG.

They were also told that a flight has to be delayed for 3 hours from flight time before the airline can issue meals.

Most passengers said they were at the airport since 5,30pm following the two hours departure rule. The flight was originally scheduled to leave for Trinidad at 7.45 pm.

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  1. Dear Passengers,

    I feel your pain but LIAT does not have an extra airplane lying around for emergency. during operational hours ALL planes have a scheduled(drop off and pick ups) that hey must adhere to.
    Nonetheless try and plan for these nonsense when traveling with LIAT. Take the early morning flight to get an 10pm connecting when using LIAT. You have to use ridiculousness to combat ridiculousness.

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