Designs For Black Sands Resorts Submitted To Planning

Work on the Villas of the 275 room Mt Wynne/ Peter’s Hope Resort is expected to commence in early 2018.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves speaking on Star FM said he was advised that the developers of the Black Sands Resorts hired two young professional architects to design the villas.

He said he was also advised that the designs have been submitted to the Planning Department.

The Black Sands resort will be constructed at Mt Wynne-Peter’s Hope by PACE Development and is expected to cost US$60 million.

Gonsalves said the developers have also hired a more experienced architect to work on the hotel aspect of the project.

The Prime Minister noted that the movers of the investment are expected in the state sometime in January of 2018, to finalize a number of organizational matters.

Gonsalves said they are also looking at other tourism projects involving the state in terms of hotel development, but not for the government to manage.

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