Death Spree ! Four In A Row

Police here in St Vincent has a packed agenda, for the next couple of weeks as they investigate four murders that took place here in one week.

On Monday 23rd July Roger Billingy a 43-year-old Farmer of Park Hill was killed, between 02:00 a.m. and 07:30 a.m.

According to investigations, Roger Billingy was shot in his left eye with a gun at Park Hill by some unknown person(s).

Billingy’s death marks the 13th Murder in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for 2018.

Before the gunpowder could settle, Murando Williams a 36-year-old Labourer of Frenches, would become the second victim for the week he was killed on Tuesday 24th July 2018 at 09:15 p.m

According to reports, Williams was walking along the Rockies Public Road when some unknown person(s) shot him about his body.

He was rushed to the MCMH where he was pronounced dead. Williams’ death marks the 14th murder recorded in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for 2018.

Then the cold finger of death struck once again on Wednesday 25th July 2018, with the death of Malachi Kingman a resident of Calder.

According to investigations so far he was shot and killed, Kingman would become the 15th murder victim for 2018.

As the week closed the angel of death was thirsty for blood and decided to set its sights on the community of Layou.

 This time the murder of Billy Adams occurred,  On Friday 27th July 2018, he became the 16th murder victim for 2018.


  1. Well someone must gave seen. Help the police in order to facilitate the investigation so that these culprits will come to justice.
    Unless you Jose’ knows something.
    Why are you so conclusive?

  2. Sad news for SVG…but I must compliment the person who wrote this story.. very informative.. great journalistic writing

  3. Sad times in Vincy that culprit/Culprits need to be caught and put away for life .
    Why going around killing people like that you don’t have a heart or you don’t have a family you on a shooting spree the longest rope have an end
    These police what is really going on you all can’t catch up with these Killers too many killing going on and no catching up with the killers.

  4. I remember growing up in SVG when it was bad enough when we had 5 murders in one year. Now two weeks don’t go by without one happening, and I just turned 44.

  5. Can’t the government apply a forward thinking approach to see the level of violence will hurt their tourism products? It is so sad that this little country with over qualified people simply can’t get things done. Why wait until elections to come up with silly boiler plate language that many Vincentians believe is progress.
    By not doing anything, every Vincentian male will want to have a gun for self defence. Tourists as well as investors pay attention to crime statistics. Hard to believe that so many of our elected officials are so blind.

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