CW Prescod School Wins Facey Trading SVG "Create Your Own Project”

First place Winner

The CW Prescod Primary School took 1st and 3rd position in this year’s Facey Trading SVG Limited and Fruita Kool Kidz “Create Your Own Project”.

Lauders Primary School located in the heart of South Central Windward copped the second spot.

Kelvinique Yorke and the CW Prescod Primary both received $1000.00 each in prize money.

Second place winners Lauders Primary was due to a combined effort of several students, their was  $600.00.

Children From Lauders Primary

Third place winner Cornel London of the CW Prescod Primary school walked away with $ 400.00.

All prize moneys were donated to winners and various institutions by Facey Trading SVG and Fruita Kool Kidz.

London told News784 after watching the movie titanic he was inspired to build the ship which gained him third position.

Cornel London

Principal of the Lauders Primary School Paula Jack said they are quite pleased with attaining second position however they look forward to the top spot next year.

The students made a replica of the St Vincent Botanic Gardens.

Operations Manager of Facey Trading SVG Claudius George says, the company along with Fruta Kool Kidz are extremely happy to be part of children’s education and looks forward to the 2019 edition of the program.

Facey Trading SVG Operations Manager hands over prize money to Paula Jack

He says Facey Trading SVG along with any of its partners welcomes any opportunity to gave back to society in a meaningful way.

All projects were made using Fruta Kool Kidz juice boxes.