Crime! “Not A Governmental Issue” Says George

Public Relations Consultant Jerry George is of the view that crime is not a governmental issue but rather a community one.

George express such view on his Up Early in the Morning, which is done live on Facebook.

There has been a spate of killings lately here in St Vincent with Brenda Layne, a security officer who was stabbed in the neck becoming the 21st murder.

On Wednesday evening Evelyn Dublin a 79yro woman was found dead in the Northern Village of Byrea, Police have not ruled if peters death is a homicide.

George said that in many instances people want to blame the police and urged Vincentians to dismiss such a notion.

“ We want to say is the government, let me say something straight up here, because it’s something I have said in the past, any government that wants to come to office and tell you they can fix crime don’t believe them”.

George said the reason is clear, crime is not a governmental issue, crime is a community issue, George lamented.

“Let us stop looking elsewhere for answers and holding other people responsible, look outside your door”.

Recently Opposition Leader Godwin Friday said the government’s responses to crime have taken the form of a seemingly garrulous presentation on the sociology of crime by Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and what may have been a street-level analysis from Julian Francis – who essentially told law-abiding Vincentians that they were safe once they walked on their side of the road and let the criminals shoot and kill on the other side of the road.


  1. It’s very obvious to me that a country’s security of it’s people falls on the shoulder of it’s government no getting away from point is there is an underlying problem among us as black people that no one want’s to address.
    Why is 90% of prisoners in the US it because we’re being oppressed and targeted because of our skin color or is it because of the disunity amongst us which make us an easy target? From my experience I know most other races hate us blacks and to top that off we as black people hate each other.We could keep putting plasters on the sores when they appear but trust me it’s not a cure..This one calls for unity of us as a people and some serious introspection..government can help facilitate such a process but they can’t solve it..A new government would surely put on a plaster but that’s not a cure. Unity and learning to love each other..”it still takes a village my friends”

  2. You have put an answer to the problem for yourself Collins! Just listen to you ” a country’s security of it’s people falls on the shoulder of it’s government” therefore Collins, when security is failing, who should take the blame……. The people? Come now wise guy!
    Why not admit Collins, that our government on this account is failing the people in what is a very crucial element of our lives…. our having a peaceful life free from criminal violence. And when governments fail what should we do Collins?

  3. Steven Collins all race commit crimes, Blacks as a race has no monopoly on crimes. It seems to me there is self hatred among our race than others. This may have been the anchored in us because of slavery. I see no race other than blacks where ever we are being so self destructive and disrespectful to each other.To anchor the point we are disrespectfu to others in authority. Awareness has been lacking and love is not taught in schools or in the family. Folks this id the root problem.

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