Coup d’état? Police Leaked Voicenote May Provide Answers

Building that houses the Prime Minister's Office

A Member of the Welfare Association of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force in a leaked WhatsApp voice note called for the storming of the Prime Ministers Office.

The leaked Voice note which was first aired on WEFM’s  Shakeup Progam, have been deemed by political pundits, the making of a Coup d’état.

In the leaked voice clip, the member speaking in a group chat seemed highly annoyed by the lack of Government response to a number of burning issues put forward by the Police Welfare Association.

According to the leaked voice note, the situation facing the police force have gone beyond the organisation’s control, and some members are calling for the Government to be dealt with immediately.

The voice note also revealed that the leave system needs to be changed and the conditions at various stations need to be improved.

Listen to the voice clip below detailing what lies ahead.


  1. The police officer is venting and is encouraging his colleagues to join him to go to the PM office unannounced to ear their concerns. Coup d’etat is too much of a word in this context.

  2. Well well well…..He who feels it knows it. I empathize with the police officers. Saint Vincent and Grenadines Police Force needs new leadership. It’s time for some young vibrant innovative persons to take up the helm of the Force. We have too many neo colonialist leading our Police and Defense Forces, and Governments in the Caribbean.This is typically the reason why so many Caribbean countries and organizations are unproductive, non- progressive and inept.

    I see no intention of a Co de tat but a few aggrieved police officers who are oppressed.

    The Police needs a proper budget to start with. I was told the leadership get what they ask for. They usually request nothing so the budget has nothing but operational expenses. Nothing for estates, Training and development or welfare. Sad………

  3. I’m surprised that any idea of a “coup de-tat” would come from this side of the Police. My fear has always been that any such threat would come from the “Black Squad”. They always scare me and that’s coming from an ex military personnel.

  4. They need to get out and address the serious crime situation in SVG and stop complaining.I worked in Owia and several rural out stations and we were out there patrolling on foot mind you to the other villages.So please please officers do what you were hired to do and make our SVG safer.

  5. When we had sick out, it was Hudson Tannis who had done the same thing to us. The calls was made and all the members were advised to sick out. They should not have publish that chat session. They should have shut down the country.

  6. So what’s wrong with these speakers are saying? They didn’t say they were going to assassinate Ralph. They want a face to face meeting with him. So what’s wrong with that. The commissioner’s action is what created ISIS and other groups who had to take action into their own hands. I don’t want to see that in SVG, but they are pushing the envelope. If people stop talking they may just react to get attention, that could mean removing anybody by any means necessary. It is better to let them talk instead of trying to shut them up A coup-de-tat will take out more than one person, so please stop talking nonsense. Ask the government to address the policemen grievances.

  7. Next we will hear that someone wants to militarily overthrow the government with ISSIS and Al Quieda. Seems the Government of SVG is trying to create news to make them look more Butch and important. The PM can then have his own Republican Guard and convoy of body guards and everyone will say, “WOW! he must be VERY important!”

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