Coup d'état? Police Leaked Voicenote May Provide Answers

A Member of the Welfare Association of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force in a leaked WhatsApp voice note called for the storming of the Prime Ministers Office.

The leaked Voice note which was first aired on WEFM’s  Shakeup Progam, have been deemed by political pundits, the making of a Coup d’état.

In the leaked voice clip, the member speaking in a group chat seemed highly annoyed by the lack of Government response to a number of burning issues put forward by the Police Welfare Association.

According to the leaked voice note, the situation facing the police force have gone beyond the organisation’s control, and some members are calling for the Government to be dealt with immediately.

The voice note also revealed that the leave system needs to be changed and the conditions at various stations need to be improved.

Listen to the voice clip below detailing what lies ahead.

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