Cotton House Among World’s 100 Most Incredible Hotels

Fodor’s Travel, a legendary source for expert travel advice, has revived its list of the 100 most incredible hotels in the world after a four-year hiatus, and 10 regional properties are on it.

They are: Amanyara (Turks & Caicos); Cobblers Cove Hotel (Barbados); The Cotton House (Mustique Island, St Vincent & Grenadines); Hotel Villa Marie St. Barth (St Barthélemy); Kanopi House (Port Antonio, Jamaica); Other Side Hotel (Eleuthera Island, Bahamas); St Regis Bahia Beach Resort (Puerto Rico); Secret Bay (Dominica); Silversands Grenada (Grenada); and Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort (St Lucia).

“The Caribbean is a mecca of gorgeousness: sprawling white sand beaches, bright turquoise seas, shimmering waterfalls, colourful rainforests… and that’s just the scenery. Surrounded by all of this beauty, each of these hotels sparkles with serene magic.

From eco-chic tree houses encircled by banyans to luxurious open-air villas leading directly to the sea, these properties are all heaven on earth,” Fodor’s Travel said in introducing the hotels.

‘Fodor’s Finest: The 100 Most Incredible Hotels in the World’ consists entirely of Fodor’s Travel editors’ and hotel writers’ personal picks, and features a wide range of hotel properties.

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  1. Every time we win a travel award or are put on a list of excellent travel destinations it is for something in the Grenadines, never the mainland.

    When will our people and government finally understand that the eternal beating heart of our tourism industry is in the cays, not the mainland?

    Trying to build up our mainland tourist industry is a waste of time and money as the number of shuttered and undersubscribed hotels two years after the completion of Argyle airport clearly show.

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