Consul General Huggins Secures Police Cars For RSVGPF

SVG Consul General to Canada Fitz Huggins continues to do his part in nation building by securing a donation for the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines police force.

Huggins noted that two police cars were donated by retired police Sergeant Tony Browne and the York Regional Police to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Service.

Browne, a Vincentian worked with the York regional police service and is now retired.

The police interceptor vehicles left Canada on the 27th of October and should arrived in SVG in three weeks’ time.

Police interceptor is an upgraded car, it is where the manufacturer adds to a stock car to make it faster, and more maneuverable

Consul General Huggins has also secured his first contribution to the Sports Against Crime Initiative announced by Prime Minister Gonsalves in the 39th independence speech.

The contribution will come in the form of Soccer balls for the South Rivers Methodist school

As a companion to the Pan Against Crime Initiative, the Government will in 2019 implement a comprehensive “Sport Against Crime” Initiative.


  1. Where all our budget money gone and only now become begging Nation to rest.
    I hope by our 40th Independent that our Nation not be able not be or seem to be the BEGGlNG Country in Eastern Caribbean.
    Changing Colonial Names which bear no economic to SVG can also start the ball to get back to Garafuna names or Afrocentric Names and removed all plantation s give to us by Colonial powers.
    The we bear most given to England and France. Hello Thomas,Henry, Oliver, Campbell.
    Then we have Portuguese names and not mallatoes.
    To be proud Nation our names must reflect our heritage too.
    To be proud people must appreciate want God given to us Our land and Sea for our development which was our main asset.
    We plenty of food from then land and fish to share with our sister
    Islands now we are importing and begging. where is our pride gone?. Begging, begging, begging are we satisfy my people trend? Let your voice be heard. SVG my home land.

  2. Where has our pride gone you ask! Well its gone ah-begging! The Gonsalves family have tuned us as a nation into proud and very pleased beggars! Just look at us. Begging our way in life, incapable of doing any better, ruled over by one man and his family and shaking in our boots!

  3. St Vincent has a begging problem. Recently I visited and while taking a stole I was confronted with this begging syndrome. Partner run a $50 on me and sometimes a $100. Where is our pride? Funny enough I gave a friend $200 and low and behold she wants to offer me her sevices in kind which I politely decline. This is what we come to folks, nothing for nothing.

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