Caricom, OECS Investors Invited To SVG Emerging Cannabis Industry

(NEWS784) – With the November 20th date right around the corner traditional cultivators at a meeting held on the weekend called upon regional businesses to participate in the emerging medical cannabis industry.

The point was raised after an organizer of the national cannabis movement for over two (2) decades noted that with traditional farmers moving to the medical industry, less illicit cannabis will be available for export.

Over the years many have attempted to calculate the contribution which the underground cannabis economy contributes to livelihoods.

Some members of the gathering expressed the view that if “we” were able to sustain an illicit trade for many years, then we must invite investors within the region to be a part of the medical cannabis industry.

There is great excitement within the emerging medical cannabis space in SVG.

Minister of Agriculture and Industry, Hon. Saboto Caesar cautioned that the sustainability of the industry will depend on stakeholders meeting international standards.

He supported the view expressed that regional partners must embrace the cannabis investment opportunities which will become possible after November 20th, 2018.