Bumper cruise season ahead for SVG

By Ernesto Cooke – Tourism Service providers in SVG are gearing up for what is being described as a “Bumper Cruise Season”, 2017-2018.

It was announced on Tuesday 17th October by Prime Minister Gonsalves that 270,000 cruise passengers are expected here for the Season, with a  starting date of November 1st,  through 14th April 2018,

Gonsalves said the number is roughly twice that of last years figure, while in 2015 the figures were under one hundred thousand.

“ We could see more passengers as a consequence of some of the disasters which have befallen other countries”.

Gonsalves said on Boxing day he understands another large cruise ship is expected here along with the Azura, carrying over 2600 passengers, but a difficulty exists with lack of transportation capacity on the ground.

He said with over six thousand persons; the private sector would have to play its part.

Gonsalves said currently there are discussions for St Vincent to be a transit point, with Argyle right in the mix.

“ The way it works is a 7 seven day cruise finishes in Kingstown; you go to Argyle, where persons would catch flights going back to various destinations on charters organised by the Cruise Lines, as well as those coming in”.

The Prime Minister on Tuesday said that citizens will have to embrace what is already on the horizon, and push ahead with the development of the country.

The Cruise ship berth on either side of a piled concrete jetty, is 162 meters long and 20 meters wide, beyond which there are two mooring dolphins and a breasting dolphin.

The larger of the two berths – the North Berth – is designed for vessels up to 100,000 grt and 260 meters in length so that, in practice, Port Kingstown can accommodate the largest cruise ships.

The North Berth has a depth alongside from 28.0 meters to a dredged 11.35 meters while the South berth, suitable for vessels of up to 45,000 grt and 100 meters in length, has a depth of 28.0 meters to a dredged 7.1 meters.

Dredging work at the cruise terminal will begin soon with a 24hour shift system, this will be done to accommodate larger ships which are scheduled to arrive.


  1. Now really what is there to see and do in Kingstown or in St. Vincent for that matter??? Unsightly Garbage disposal everywhere, provision vendors and idlers on every street, spreading their produce on the ground, in every nook and cranny of the dirtiest capital in the Caribbean; annoying smelly vagrants and beggars lying on the sidewalks; some inconsiderate crazy van drivers, out of control vehicular traffic, illegal parking and stopping, including the unregulated push carts operators!!!
    Now tell us Mr. PM, what would the tourists be coming here to see and do in this crime infested lawless country of ours? And if we have to wait until hurricane disasters strike the other more developed Caribbean tourist destinations by taking advantage of their misfortunes then heaven help us. We aint ready yet… wheel and come again boi. Your time is up- pronto!!!

    • Maybe we can have “Adventure Tourism” People may want to see what a crime-infested nation with a stupid government looks like, as long as they are not here after dark where the chances of becoming a statistic are higher than the daylight hours. Of course Gonsalves is talking garbage. He can no longer tell his dreams apart from reality.

  2. So much negativity, There are many long time businesses that are trying to give an updated and refreshed experience for travelers to visit the beautiful islands. All politics aside, please try not to promote the shortcomings and project a more positive attitude of what the future will hold.

  3. These a bunch of people witb seruous problem your what makes a difference a country cant boost it self why cuss out the goverment you have to play you part whatyou all thing money grow on tree. . time for you all to stop complain with your lazy behind and be. Creative and welcome to the. Tourist give them a time they never had before why not have couple stores in town to start open. On sundays forthe season and you all wake up from being lazy put. In a couple hours of work you wont die to boost your economy..also suggest (stores like tshirt store street vendors with art and calraft refreshment.home made and grown like coconut linseed drinks..no complain to no one if you your self did not show you willing to make changes stop staying home on sundays. Go to the and various attaction attract the people to love your culture ..also cab have your dance group perform in town open heritage square. Events to sundays for chilling lime ..get buses to start run more oftem to various routes ..i feed up of hear ignorant people complaint yes i said it. Your a bunch of ignorant people who are stock in the uncolonise days..no ones slaving you all home you have it really good a boost is what you need stop complaining. Get educated and. See how other foriegn country make it cause nuff never even see foreign to judge our rightous. Goverment first is the people you need to address to believe and stop argue with leadership. Stop involve politic. In your everyday life and again what do you think. Entreperneurship means equip ypur self with small businesses and move forward one man one. Team can only do so much ..you all get on my nevres everytime i. See and rwad vincy negativity you all so slow and have that old mentality its mostly the people in there 30s and 45. That behave redictious like this my god augh get with the program and show you love your country remember if you want someone to love you you first have to love your self progress i amd innlove with progress failure does not mean you fail it means you try and was not successful then you should not stop there but try again And again. God never gave up on. Us one time he gave everyone of us so much chances to make a difference. May god be with vincy i pray day by day to see us get on top natural events did not happen like magic every thing have a reason make this your reason rise to the occasions

  4. Is there anything wrong with the pm act as a tour guide,you have any idea how these tourist are going to feel hanging out with a priminister of a country,you know how much this can have a positive impact on our country? I personally have never heard of this before,but honestly love the idea.

    Think of yourself going to England for a vacation and getting to hang out with the queen in her palace,am quite sure you welcome that any day!!!

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