Buccament Resort Schedule To Re-open in 2018

The Buccament Resort which closed its doors in December of 2016, may soon re-open.

Minister of Tourism Cecil Mckie told parliament that the Government had been advised that the resort should re-open its doors and commence operations in early 2018.

Mckie said its closure had impacted negatively on the tourism sector, with the lost of jobs and arrivals from the UK where their focus was concentrated.

He told parliament that the facility is in the hands of a trustee in bankruptcy.

The Minister said this is an ongoing process and the court will have to approve the entity that would eventually operate the facility.

In December of 2016 David Ames Chairman of the Harlequin Group of Companies, the owners of the Buccament Bay Resort,  said that Harlequin hopes to refurbish the Resort and re-open under new management in spring 2017. However, such did not materialise.


  1. I don’t believe it, not on the basis of the criminal action against Ames and no word from the creditors.

  2. You people cannot just wish the country well and just move on , u have to bring down the country and their in your lame assess talking bad and wishing nothing works , then complain that the country is hard, it’s hard because of ppl like u, be innovators,well wishers, don’t be so pessimistic about every opportunity that is put out to the vincentian public, we need opportunities like this to boost our economy,provide jobs etc, there was a bad episode before with the resort which led to some of the most unfortunate loss of jobs etc.just trust that the persons will learn and put tighter measures in place ,and b glad that some opportunities are available to young people, so instead of being there criticizing ,how about just helping creating ?create jobs, opportunities etc..tired of u people

    • The reason why we get so many crooks is because of people like you Lex, that do not want to see all the corruption and instead only talk about gum drops and lolly pops as our taxes continue to go up while it goes to the money junkies.
      I am sure us pessimists would love to see more jobs in SVG but SUSTAINABLE jobs, and not working for Ponzi-schemes.

    • Lex, do you think it was nice of Amees and his crew to buy fruits and vegis, get tasks done by the Vincentian people but so many NEVER got paid? Is that what you think is a great job for Vincentians Why don’t you go work for free and see how you like it.

      • Now you can’t say they never got paid. Yes they owed millions to to business and employees but remember the resort open in 2010 and closed in December 2016 they are ppl and business who made millions as well. It’s not like from Inception they just never paid there bills.

  3. Remember a potential buyer is the Government of SVG. Cubanistic Marxism at its best. Strange that Cuba is running away from that old model that did not work, even while Castro was still alive. SVG is trying to institute that unworkable model where the government builds houses, manages hotels and even has confession booths. If the SVG Government buys the resort we may then have a LIAT form of hotel management where everyone is unhappy except the shareholders.

  4. Looks like Lex never read your essays…too negative for him. You should have talked about gum drops and loly pops in those essays. and tales of how we are all going to become rich because Ralph promised us.

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