Breaking: CAL and SunWing Airlines to land at AIA February 14th 2017

Its has been confirmed, Caribbean Airlines and Sunwing Airlines will make their inaugural flights to Argyle International Airport on the island nation of St Vincent.

Both carriers will land for the official opening of the island’s first international airport on February 14th,  2017.

Glen Beache head of the Tourism Authority made the announcement this morning on Star Fm.

Listen to the announcement below.


  1. The level unpatriotic ignorance towards this project is amazing to see. Carriers will not just hapened into a new destination you need to showcase your abilities with such flights. If everyone stop and consider without the senseless bias they would understand that all things begins with a precursor move. Where is your national pride?

  2. interesting that Caribbean Airlines doesn’t know about it…from an email after I enquired about booking a flight out…the customer support person said that “we are not aware of such information. If we are adding new services to our fleet, this will be advertised via our official website”

  3. I just tried looking up AIA – Argyle’s airport code on CAL’S website, it’s not even coming up. The airline does not recognize the code, I want to believe this is finally happening, I guess this has to be seen.

    • AIA is not the an airport code. It is the short form for the airport’s name.
      The code for Argyle International is SVD – the same as for ETJ.

  4. joan you cant book a flight just yet those seats from cal already booked plus the airport code will stay the same SVD just a different airport. its rigth above you in the article

  5. I’m Jamaican but I have been following the development for a good while now. My anxiety to see it up and running has overflowed!!

  6. Just keep it positive and end the negativity my people because this historical event is way bigger than you can imagine. I left this Island almost 40 years and has been praying for an international airport other than the foul pen airport that we have been use to. This will attract millions of people, jobs and world recognition. So stay humble and watch the economy grow as a result.

  7. Happy that we finally advancing hope the immigration Officers and other personnel get good customer service training and treat ppl with respect unlike other countries. Change is imminent adoption is a must in order to survive. A prayer goes out for our lovely Country And our new journeys.

  8. well then im sure all have already seen the videos in the next 5 years or so we should be busy like all other caribbean airports afterall Rome wasn’t built in a day

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