BREAKING: Caesar On Medical In Martinique

Hon. Saboto Caesar

Reports coming to News784 is that Hon. Saboto Caesar is currently seeking medical attention in the French island of Martinique for an injury to his lower back.

News 784 learned that Minister Caesar’s story was that he hurt his lower back severely while lifting his son Saj Caesar from his SUV.

His son was apparently asleep in the car seat after a journey from a meeting which his father attended. Minister Caesar was treated locally and was referred to Martinique for further investigation.

Minister Caesar was contacted in Martinique and was in high spirits. He noted, that these are some of the things which you will go through while being a dad. He outlined that he had a similar occurrence in 2003 and 2008.

“My son is getting big fast;  some pain in the back still, but God is in control, I am going to be ok!”


  1. No offense but our politicians Don trust our medical system here, or otherwise they would not seek medical attention overseas. For our citizens who are not so fortunate, financial means and otherwise. They will have to use the Milton Cato Memorial, the abbattoir.

  2. That’s the first thing that came to my mind. From the PM to stir the bigger heads as soon as they get sick wether simple or great they seek medical attention in another country. What does that say?

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