(Biabou/Akers) The Police are currently investigating the death of Biabou Resident Shania Johnson.

The 19-year-old woman who is the mother of a 10-Month-old baby boy was last seen on Friday, at that time she was enroute to Kingstown.

However,  After a plea on Facebook by her mother,  the body of Johnson was found on Sunday (morning) 4th November 2018 in the Akers area.

Below is what was captured from social media by Shania’s mother at 10.24pm Friday 2nd November 2018.

Has anyone seen this young lady, she is 19 yrs of age, left my home this morning to go collect her salary, she has a 10 months baby boy at home, please am her mom if anyone has seen her, inbox me please. Am worried.

Shania Johnson according to reports was a teacher at the New Prospect (Simon) Primary School, attached to the YES program.


  1. Even though the person is caught ,he or s he will spend maximum Ren years in jail and be released. The jail is Like a revolving door for which the criminalsame are not afraid. They know they will never be hanged, therefore there is no deterrent. When was the last time someone was hanged in Vincy? Convicted criminal Lovelace is getting fat in jail so does Compay Trimmingham. Compatible cut of the old man Brownwho pens and buried it. His words were, “man you have tone like me”. He was literally slaughtered and his animals taken as a ransom.

  2. This smells like a crime of passion, the sad thing is that the police force doesn’t have the expertise and know how to solve these sophisticated crimes that is happening. Forensics DNA ,fingerprint and other crime fighting techniques are severely lacking. Therefore, a lot of crimes are undetected and the perpetrators go free. In addition, there is a culture of fear among citizens with respect to reporting crimes for fear of retribution. The police for cell are also very much unprofessional. Folkes this is the root of the problem.

  3. I wish I could do something to help this situation. Find the guy or guys and bring them to me so I can chop them to little pieces.while they’re still alive

  4. Most Vincentians like you Percy Palmer are likewise very, very “tired of this kind of news” too and look, the government cannot provide security here at home yet they have eagerly put forward our murder riddled, poverty stricken nation’s name, as one being willing to sit on the U.N’s 2 yearly rotating non-permanent security seat.
    What is wrong with this wealth deficient nation of ours? Should we not seek to put our own house in order first before trying to advise others? Must we be dragged along in one’s man and his family’s craving desire and grubby ambition to be noticed? Just how much more insecurity and murders must we endure here before we see good sense?

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