Billionaire Who Assited Mayreau Students Killed In Helicopter Crash

Two former students who attended The Benjamin School were killed in a helicopter crash Thursday night, along with their Billionaire father who assisted Mayreau students.

Officials for the Benjamin School say Kameron Cline and Brittney Searson both graduated from the school in 2015. They were attending college together at Louisiana State University.

Five others died in the helicopter crash including Cline’s father, Chris Cline, a coal mining billionaire and local philanthropist.

Social Studies Teacher Steven Anderson said his most distinct memory of the two girls came from a school trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines during their senior year at Benjamin.

“They immediately became totally immersed in the unfamiliar culture to which they were exposed in our 2015 class trip,” he said.

“They were totally open, accepting and engaging with all of the Vincentians who they encountered. They rapidly established themselves as perfect ambassadors who so lovingly and genuinely represented not just The Benjamin School but also the United States in such a positive light to the local people”.

“Kameron, in fact, wanted to help the less-privileged Vincentians continue their education so she persuaded her father to make a generous donation to assist the students from the tiny island of Mayreau to attend secondary school on neighboring Union Island. Knowing the type of giving person that Mr. Chris Cline was, I am sure that it didn’t require too much persuasion to establish this legacy.” CBSNEWS