Bequia: Free Training In Sewing, Textiles And Fashion Design.

Founded in 2018 Bequia Threadworks is a social enterprise that seeks to offer quality training, products and services. Set up by Grenadines Partnership fund, the venture is based in Port Elizabeth Bequia. The company will offer free training in sewing, textiles and Fashion Design.

There will also be a paid training scheme where Bequia Threadworks aim will be to train and nurture passionate individuals to become highly skilled in all areas of garment production. In order to join the Bequia Threadworks team of loyal, dedicated and passionate professionals.

As a social enterprise, Bequia Threadworks will achieve its mission while consistently demonstrating values of commitment, integrity equity, fairness and transparency in all it’s activities.

 It will also demonstrate an environmental responsibility through sourcing locally available sustainable materials and incorporating practices that respect the environment. Bequia Threadworks seeks to be a leader in the growing ethical brand movement.

Located on Back Street, Port Elizabeth, Bequia Threadworks headquarters will also double as a resource centre for sewing and design professionals in SVG, . It will be a space of thriving creativity and social enterprise.

Bequia Threadworks will be opening it’s doors in September 2018

Bequia Threadworks intention is to create a sustainable economy in St Vincent and the Grenadines. At a point when the community’s commitment and profits align, the vision is to